EcoCorp Services

Land Management

Land Restoration & Enhancement

SEEDS EcoCorps works on small and large acreages with both private and public clientele. Projects include:

Reforestation and Protection of Native Tree Species

We work with land owners, public and private, to provide non-mechanical, hand-installation of large scale plantings for the purpose of restoring and enhancing habitats. Our work, done by hand, minimizes soil compaction and creates a more hospitable growing environment.

These projects are typically implemented to restore lands that have previously been cleared for tilling, orchards, or Christmas trees and can range in size from small acreages needing a few thousand trees to be replanted to large acreages that take weeks to plant. We can assist you in finding support and accessing government programs if you are a landowner with such properties.

Savannah and Understory Restorations

Not all habitats are forests. We also work with landowners to restore and maintain acreage that may want to be grasslands or prairie ecosystems. These plantings may include herbaceous plants and shrubs.

Invasive Species Control

EcoCorps works with private and public landowners to assist in controlling and eradicating invasive plant species. Our approach is to support landowners and other professionals by providing manual control methods. Species we typically work with are Autumn Olive, Garlic Mustard, Purple Loosestrife, English Ivy, Spotted Knapweed, Bishop’s Weed, Japanese Barberry, and Baby’s Breath. Our crews work on large acreages to small lots.

Rivers, Streams, and Coastline Restoration

In areas where erosion and fish habitats are the concern, SEEDS EcoCorps helps with restoration of riparian habitats. This work may include invasive species removal, (re)plantings, and natural-scaping that promotes shoreline stability and habitat enhancements. By planting appropriate species in significant quantities, these efforts restore the ability of shorelines to withstand high water levels using root structures that hold soil and create habitat for aquatic life. Restoration may also mean replanting areas where large scale die off of native species has occurred, such as former Ash stands, and planning around future potential tree epidemics.S

Here's a sampling of projects and services offered by EcoCorps on public and community properties. If you're a private property owner, please visit our Our Services page for more information on how we can help you restore your land. North Country Trail Construction on Lake Superior Building Benches at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Compost [...]