Wood Rescue Items for Sale

Beautiful wood products handcrafted by EcoCorps are now available for purchase!

Your purchase will support:

  • SEEDS EcoCorps and carpentry training for our members
  • Our Wood Rescue initiative to save felled trees from the chipper, turning them into beautiful items that will maintain the carbon sequestered by these trees

Order unique items for yourself or as a gift. Some items are custom order or pre-order only. If you are purchasing as a gift and the item will not be ready in time for your celebration, we can provide a printed certificate with order details for your loved one.

Coffee Table

This coffee table was designed by Wood Fellow Chad Womack. The lumber came from an aged maple tree in the Grand Traverse Commons’ historic arboretum. This item is one of a kind and ready to be delivered. 

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Mid Century Garden Bench

This bench was also designed by Wood Fellow Chad Womack with inspiration from the Chandigarh furniture of French architects Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. It is made from black locust, an aggressive tree species that is naturally rot-resistant.

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More Benches

Live Edge Bench

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Raised Garden Beds

Custom Designs Made to Order

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Household Items

Cutting Boards
Decorative Shelves
Charcuterie Boards
Small Plant Boxes
Squatty Potties

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