The Clean Energy Art Challenge

EcoSchool Project Portfolio


Traverse City, Historic Barns Park; Benzie; Fife Lake; Kaleva; Kalkaska; Mesick




  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Consumers Energy Foundation
  • Michigan Department of Education


  • Benzie Central High School & Academy
  • Brethren Middle School
  • Fife Lake Elementary School
  • Floyd M. Jewett (Mesick) Elementary
  • Forest Area Middle School
  • Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary School
  • Rapid City Elementary


Could you make a solar-powered band? SEEDS EcoSchool students did! Students as young as third graders worked together using small solar panels and motors to make gadgets that played musical instruments when placed in the sunshine. 

The Clean Energy Art Challenge provided hands-on learning experiences that inspired and empowered youth to engage in the complex topics related to energy. In addition to the Solar Band, students across the region created sculptures that illustrated concepts like the visual light spectrum. They also made art using photo-reactive paper to demonstrate how solar energy can be converted into chemical energy. Thanks to the Michigan Department of Education and to the Consumers Energy Foundation for making this learning possible!

“Connecting art with STEM subjects is a great way to have a lot of fun. And learning that’s fun is learning that sticks.” Sarna Salzman, SEEDS Executive Director