Conserving and Restoring Michigan Lands

About SEEDS EcoCorps Crews

SEEDS EcoCorps crew leaders and members get first-hand experience in careers related to restoration of public and private lands, installing and maintaining ecologically regenerative landscapes, farming, and green infrastructure.

SEEDS has proudly served Michigan as a green solutions incubator and employer since 1999. In addition to our permanent teaching and consulting staff, through our EcoCorps program we also provide seasonal employment for green collar career explorers.

EcoCorps crews are available to partner with or hire. We also work on fundraising with our public and nonprofit partners to make project dreams happen!

Do you have a project in mind for EcoCorps? Call or email for rates and  scheduling.


Our Services

Park Land, Private Land, Trails and Shoreline Restoration

SEEDS work crews active in areas throughout lower Michigan on projects that include the restoration of natural habitats for pollinators and aquatic species, building  maintaining sustainable trail systems and more.

Landscaping, Gardening and Light Construction

We can work with you to plan and create an ecologically responsive landscape. Based on your interests, we work with you to plan spaces that are home to you and abundant natural beauty. 

Maintenance and Green Cleaning Services

EcoCorps crews only use nontoxic products. All of our work is insured. We’ve done green cleaning, fence maintenance, painting, managing and removing ‘resource piles’ and dock installation and removal.

EcoStrategies Projects

SEEDS EcoStrategies  provides consulting services that help our clients and partners reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, become more energy efficient, and become more resilient through ecological landscaping and restoration projects. Our EcoCorps crews have the capability to do the on the ground work planned by our EcoStrategies consulting team.

Where We Work

Our crews work throughout upper and lower Michigan, with most projects concentrated around our Headwaters and Historic Barns Park in Traverse City. SEEDS EcoCorps has completed projects from the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula down to Saginaw’s Wickes Park and at many points in-between. Our projects goals include restoring and conserving habitat, removing invasive species, maintaining trail systems, and more. 

The EcoCorps Blog

SEEDS was created by its founders to be a local response to our global challenges. We hold a deep-seated belief in the distributed power of the grassroots to change the world.

Growing Better Tomorrows for Michiganders Posted by SEEDS on Dec 23 , 2022 - 07:06 am During 2022, we worked in 15 Michigan counties and hosted SEEDS Centers in Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Manistee, Osceola, and Wexford. Your donations help us continue to spread and deepen our impact across Michigan! Donate Today! Preparing young leaders [...]

Congrats to Marlo, a Corpsmember of the Year Finalist! Posted by SEEDS on Dec 12 , 2022 - 08:17 am We are ecstatic to announce that EcoCorps Crew Leader Marlo Wilcox is a Corpsmember of the Year finalist! This esteemed award from The Corps Network recognizes young adults who have demonstrated leadership abilities, gone above [...]

We Are Hiring!

Interested in ecology, forestry, sustainability, permaculture, food systems, green construction or renewable energy? Do you learn best by doing? Want to work outside? Ready to leave a lasting legacy of service?

We are currently looking to hire individuals who are at least 16 years-old in Traverse City, Benzie, Manistee, and other parts of Northwestern Michigan.

EcoCorps-made wood goods for sale

Handmade wooden items (coffee tables, benches, decorative shelves and more) are available for purchase! Your contribution will help support:

– Carpentry training for EcoCorp members

– Our Wood Rescue program, which diverts felled trees from being chipped and uses them to create lovely objects that will retain the carbon absorption capacity of the trees.