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From student to teacher

Britney Brintzenhoff was ecstatic when she saw a job posting for site supervisor at SEEDS EcoSchool in Kalkaska Upper Elementary. She was happy about the opportunity to work with kids as a step towards her goal of becoming a teacher. She was thrilled for the chance to go back to SEEDS, because she had been a SEEDS kid herself.

Britney loved going to SEEDS at Kalkaska Middle School, and it wasn’t just because of the fun activities like karate and cooking. Britney believes that the friendships she made and the supportive staff that were there for her played a crucial role in her personal growth. SEEDS motivated Britney to go to school and stay out of trouble.

Now, as a site supervisor for grades 3-5, Britney aims to create the same supportive and engaging environment that had been so impactful for her in the past.

“I try to provide the same support to kids now that I received from SEEDS when I was in middle school. When kids have a rough day, I talk to them about it, help them come up with solutions, and offer a shoulder to cry on if they need it.”
Britney Brintzenhoff
Former SEEDS student and current site supervisor for SEEDS EcoSchool at Kalkaska Upper Elementary

Through Britney’s eyes, we see the true essence of SEEDS in action, supporting, nurturing, and inspiring students and educators alike. Her experience is a beautiful example of SEEDS creating lasting, positive, multi-generational impact. The ripple effects of meaningful experiences touch many lives for many years.