Trail Work near Two-Hearted River, NCT

EcoCorps Project Portfolio


Luce County, Upper Peninsula




North Country Trail Association, Superior Shoreline NCT Chapter


SEEDS EcoCorps travelled to the Upper Peninsula to perform trail maintenance along the North Country Trail. This project encompassed working on roughly 15 miles of this 4600 mile long trail. Trail maintenance entailed removal of vegetation that was encroaching on the trail in addition to clearing trail of fallen trees and rerouting in sections lost to the lake. The trail near the Mouth of the Two Hearted River was affected by a forest fire 8 years ago. This caused a high amount of new saplings to be growing over onto the trail as well as burned trees beginning to fall across the trail.

Field Crew members hiked in using loppers, handsaws, rogue hoes and a chainsaw to perform this trail maintenance. Daily trail distances averaged around 5-10 total miles on trail. Near vehicle work to adjust signage was also performed and restoration of antivehicle barricades was performed. By restoring barriers it allows the trail to remain natural and untampered by damaging weight and speed of wheeled vehicles such as dirt bikes or side by sides.