Trail Work in the Porcupine Mountains and L’Anse

EcoCorps Project Portfolio


Porcupine Mountains, Ontonagon County; L’Anse, Baraga County




  • North Country Trail Association
  • Ni-Miikanaake Chapter of the NCTA
  • Peter Wolfe Chapter of the NCTA
  • Ottawa National Forest
  • The National Park Foundation
  • The Iron Belle Trail Fund via the NCTA
  • The National Forest Foundation.


EcoCorps crew members constructed nearly one mile of new NCT corridor as part of a reroute project in the Porcupine Mountains. The reroute is planned to connect to a newly constructed bridge creating a new route south of the Little Iron River in the Porcupine Mountains and Ottawa National Forest.

EcoCorps also created a reroute of the trail near L’Anse. The crew members learned new skills from the Peter Wolfe Chapter members, including how to use a stump puller, while the EcoCorps crew offered their experience of tread work, or making a smoother path for hikers to tread upon, and bench cutting.

The newly created route gets NCT hikers off the road and into the wilderness.

Kenny Wawsczyk, NCTA Regional Trail Coordinator for Michigan, said that the NCTA’s Chapter volunteers are always impressed by the EcoCorps crews’ professionalism and hard work. “The NCT provides a perfect opportunity for youth to experience various tasks, from standard maintenance to tread work to building structures,” Wawsczyk said, “We really appreciate the work SEEDS gets done every time they’re out on the Trail, and we look forward to working with them in the future.” 

EcoCorps crew leaders and members spent eights days in the Upper Peninsula for these projects. During this time, the crew saw beaver dams, saw various kinds of wildlife and even heard wolves howling on their very last morning. This opportunity allowed the crew to bond and helped gain a better appreciation for the environment and what they do!