Tree Planting at Historic Barns Park

EcoCorps Project Portfolio


Traverse City, Michigan; Historic Barns Park




Conservation Resource Alliance, City of Traverse City & Charter Township of Garfield Recreational Authority


The EcoCorps crew took on a big challenge. Their task was to plant 1000 trees surrounding Historic Barns Park. We planted in the wetlands, retention ponds, and in an open area next to our farm. With a crew of about 6, this project took a lot of dedication and strength to complete. We first planted all of the trees and placed stakes next to every sapling. After planting, we manually put together the tubes surrounding every sapling and then mulched. 

This project was designed to help with stormwater management. Stormwater management helps reduce run off and to improve water quality. We planted an assortment of trees and shrubs to help create a more diverse ecosystem.

As a team, we did face a couple of challenges. One challenge was putting the tubes around the sapling. We had to manually fold a plastic sheet into the tube. The plastic was not as malleable as we hoped; this made it extremely difficult to secure the fold instantly. At first we were individually folding the tubes; however, we thought of pairing up and having two people work alongside each other to make everything easier… It worked!