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20 Reasons to Give $20 for SEEDS 20th Anniversary

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20 Reasons to Give $20 for SEEDS 20th Anniversary

1. Matching Funds!

If you are a new donor or haven’t given in a while, your gift will be tripled with a 2-1 match! Your $20 is worth $60 to us!

2. Local Economies

Over 70% of every dollar given to SEEDS is invested right back into the local community – real people and businesses owned by real people within a 100 mile radius!

3. Investing in Great Kids

SEEDS After School provides FREE programming nearly every day to over 350 K-12 unique students each year – and growing!

4. Teaching & Learning

SEEDS After School provides tens-of-thousands of contact hours with great kids each semester, more than 6,000 of them are focused on STEM and Academic support alone.

5. Safe, Welcoming Spaces

SEEDS After School prioritizes a safe, socially and emotionally supportive environment for the students it serves. In the 2017-2018 school year, 100% of students reported a safe environment, 99% of parents reported a welcoming environment.

6. Quality Mentors & Connecting the Generations

We provide great kids with access to great mentors and adults with opportunities to invest in the next generation.

7. Inviting Partnership

SEEDS After School is expanding this fall, bringing programming into 11 total schools including: Brethren Middle School, Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary, Forest Area Middle School, Fife Lake Elementary, Benzie Central High School/Academy, Benzie Central Middle School, Betsie Valley Elementary, Mesick (Floyd M. Jewett) Elementary, Marion Elementary, Cherry Street Elementary, and Rapid City Elementary.

8. On-the-Job Training

Since 2009, the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps has hired approximately 500 older youth paying $1.5million in wages for jobs benefiting people & planet.

9. Green Collar Career Exploration

Parkland stewardship, habitat restoration, trail building, historic renovation, green construction – these are green collar jobs.

10. Ecological Solutions

Last season, the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps improved over 150 acres of habitats, improved 5 historic structures, built 11 miles of trail, and improved 19 public parks.

11. Practical Skills & Training

Each Corpsmember receives well over 40 hours of practical job training ranging from first-aid to job-specific skills and certifications.

12. Fostering Stewardship

SEEDS has hosted the National Park Service’s Natural Leaders program for 5 years, connecting local youth with the outdoors and public parks. Once winter let up, 10 students this year cleaned up glass on Good Harbor beach in Sleeping Bear Dunes.

13. Energy Efficiency First

Yes, there are still lightbulbs that need replacing! Traverse City’s Carnegie Building upgraded 76 light fixtures based on energy efficiency recommendations made by SEEDS for a 66% energy savings.

14. Zero Waste on the Rise

In 2018, we trained 40 people in how to manage toward Zero Waste – reduce, reuse, compost, and recycle!

15. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced 30%

In our second year as the City of Traverse City’s “Green Team” Facilitator, we are monitoring this significant reduction in carbon pollution from the City’s electricity use in 2018!

16. Every Tree Counts

SEEDS Conservation Corps planted 38 trees on Traverse City’s West Bay and forecast that 38.4 metric tons of carbon will be sequestered over the lifetime of those trees. That is equivalent to one year of emissions from 8 passenger vehicles.

17. Ranked #17 in the World!

In the 2019 Drawdown EcoChallenge, the 87 members of “Team SEEDS” worked together and came in 17th out of over 1,000 in this international competition to reverse global warming. In just three weeks we prevented 1,721 pounds of atmospheric CO2!

18. The Intersection of Food and Local Economy

SEEDS has served as the market managers of Traverse City’s Downtown Sara Hardy Farmers Market since 2011. This is one of the largest growers-only markets in Michigan hosting over 100 vendors every year.

19. The Next Generation of Farmers

SEEDS has hosted a farmer residency program at Historic Barns Park since 2010, encouraging youth toward agricultural careers, food systems, organic practices, and community building.

20. Local Solutions

As you can see, our activities are all about implementing local solutions. Our world needs more home-grown solutions, why not invest in local action by investing in SEEDS – right now?