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Igniting Environmental Passion through Artistry

Nature has long been a source of inspiration for artists. Every tree, every leaf, every nook can be enjoyed for its uniqueness when we dare to look close enough. We engaged three artists through our Environmental Artist Fellowship. Their pieces are on display at Historic Barns Park in Traverse City. We invite you to explore the multimedia art installations that showcase nature photography, Anishinaabek knowledge, and repurposed found objects. Discover the interdisciplinary art experiences in and around the SEEDS Farm and online.  This initiative was made possible by the Brookby Foundation and the Michigan Arts & Culture Council.

Mark Wilson, Fred Raphael & Biindige Giizhik

This project was a collaboration between Art Fellow Mark Wilson, Fred Raphael and Biindige Giizhik.Three cedar posts were hand carved by Fred Raphael to celebrate the profound connection between the Anishinaabek people and the natural world. You can find a QR code by each cedar post taking you to lessons in traditional and contemporary Anishinaabek wisdom, insights, and language (Anishinaabemowin) shared by Biindige Giizhik. This audio was produced by Mark Wilson who served as the lead Art Fellow for this incredible permanent installation at the SEEDS Farm.

The Work of Gardening as told by Biindige Glizhik

Kevin Summers

Art Fellow Kevin Summers created several experiential art installations for Historic Barns Park throughout the seasons. Some of his exhibits were fleeting experiences and some more long-lasting. For each, Kevin focused on letting the landscape and its history shape his work.

The Six-Sided Sound Circle

Seen here, The Six-Sided Sound Circle, located in the lower east quadrant of the SEEDS Farm at the edge of the wetlands, uses technology to transform natural frequencies of plants and wind into sound that travels underground then is received and amplified by six black locust posts. Come visit this space for yourself and see what you hear and think! Visit the park after dusk to see another of Kevin’s exhibits!

Charles St. Charles

The Wall of Pollinators

Through his photography and educational pieces, Charles St. Charles is encouraging others to appreciate the beauty and complexity of nature and inspiring them to protect the living world around us. The Wall of Pollinators is a collaboration with other local photographers and is installed on the solar pavilion near the SEEDS Farm.

The Miracle of Monarch

Monarch butterflies are in danger and need our help. Fortunately, there are somethings that we can do now to help preserve these creatures for future generations. Check out the graphics below to learn more, or come see our milkweed field at the SEEDS Farm at Historic Barns Park and see the miracle of the monarch for yourself!