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Thank You for Making Our Mission Possible!

Above: A group shot from our staff picnic this summer.

We just can’t do what we do without you!

When you give to SEEDS, you are investing in hundreds of rural K12 students getting unique, high quality experiential education and also in the teaching staff who care about each and every one of them. When your values align with our dreams, you help provide seasonal jobs and green collar career training to young adults who are ready to claim leadership roles. When you connect with SEEDS, you are supporting solutions that drawdown carbon from an overloaded atmosphere and the creativity needed to take on global challenges in a local context.

Though we look at the ecological and justice challenges facing us square in the eye, the Staff and Board of SEEDS are mightily excited about 2022 and our future together. We can’t help feeling optimism when we see huge smiles on third grade faces. We share in their joy when they learn about composting and worms. Every time a young adult lets us know about the career path they are choosing after a season serving their community in the EcoCorps, it motivates us to work even harder at pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

But it takes more than passion to keep a non-profit business like SEEDS alive and thriving. You understand this too, that’s why you choose to donate. When you give to SEEDS, you become personally responsible for the success of our team. We have so much good work ahead of us and a grave sense of urgency. We are extremely grateful to have you in our corner.

On behalf of SEEDS, thank you for your trust and commitment!


Sarna Salzman

Executive Director