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8 Planet-Healing Solutions We Shared This Year!

SEEDS connects people of all ages to nature and to each other. We teach practical skills to help anyone restore a local ecosystem and create a stronger community.

Thanks to numerous awesome partners, we are healing our planet one apple core and one curious mind at a time! Below are eight examples of how we did that this year. It will take all of us, working together, to create the positive change we want for our communities and it is never too late to engage. Will you join us by making a gift? Every dollar makes an impact!

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1. Preserving Local Foods

In partnership with the Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, we hosted a series of workshops to encourage the preservation of locally grown food, stimulate ideas for new product development, and to reduce food waste.

Above Photo: Patti Travioli of Heartwood Forest Farm taught our EcoCorps members about herb preservation.

2. Institutionalizing Solutions

SEEDS is the City of Traverse City’s green team facilitator and supports the City Manager on building a carbon neutral future. Here you can see visiting University of Michigan graduate students interested in the important role local governments play in mitigating climate change.

Bonus: Can you find Sarna in the above picture?

3. Tending Trees

EcoSchool students at Forest Area Middle School, Fife Lake Elementary School, Cherry Street Intermediate School (Kalkaska), and Rapid City Elementary School planted tree saplings donated by the Kalkaska Conservation District. We host EcoSchool programs at 11 partner schools throughout rural Northern Michigan.

4. Regenerating Habitat

EcoCorps helped the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy remove baby’s breath and other invasive species from the fragile dune habitat at Elberta Beach in Benzie. EcoCorps is a career exploration program that supports skill training, professional development, and leadership. Our land management partners share their expertise and enthusiasm and together we inspire life-long engagement.

5. No Child Left Inside

The greatest investment is in our younger generations, as we empower them to take action for the planet. Our teaching staff connected with 1,139 local students, getting them outside, hands dirty, minds curious, and working together to build a better tomorrow.

Above Photo: EcoSchool students at Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary rocked out an Earth Day cleanup!

6. Sharing Solutions

Our staff offered several classes with NMC Extended Education about reversing global warming including topics like perennial food forests, composting, waste management, clean energy, and other Carbon Drawdown technologies.

Above Photo: Going for “Zero Waste” taught by Sarna with Andy of Bay Area Recycling for Charities.

7. 1000’s of Healthy Trees

We love wetlands! EcoCorps partnered with Conservation Resource Alliance to plant 1000 trees and shrubs at Historic Barns Park to mitigate stormwater runoff from nearby roads and improve groundwater water quality. And those tubes? They protect the trees so they thrive to maturity while developing strong root systems.

8. Composting for All Ages

Keeping food waste out of landfills just makes sense, and yet organics are the largest component of our solid waste streams here in Michigan. Preventing food waste starts at home and has strong greenhouse gas implications. Composting the rest into black gold is fun for all ages!

Above Photo: Katelyn, EcoSchool Assistant Site Coordinator at Marion Elementary, teaches young composters about decomposition.

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