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80+ NCT Miles, and Counting

From as far south as White Cloud to as far north as the shores of Lake Superior, our 2020 EcoCorps crews improved sections of the North Country Trail.

This work was made possible in part with funding from the National Forest Foundation and the National Park Foundation, as well as a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, North Country Trail Association (NCTA,) and its volunteer chapters.

“We at the NCTA loved the help of the EcoCorps on these projects. We are very appreciative of any young help we can get because we want future generations to be familiar with and invested in the North Country Trail in the future.” – Kenny Wawsczyk, NCTA Regional Trail Coordinator for Michigan

Video: Reducing Erosion

Video: Building a Boardwalk

In the Upper Peninsula, EcoCorps crews performed trail maintenance on a 15-mile section near the mouth of the Two Hearted River. In order to complete their task of removing vegetation and fallen trees from remote sections of the trail, crew members hiked between five to ten miles each day carrying their tools and gear to the worksites.

In White Cloud, crew members completed trail work that was begun in 2019. In addition to the new boardwalk built through a wetland, crew members rerouted sections of the trail away from busy roads.

In the Huron-Manistee National Forest, EcoCorps crews worked alongside members of the NCTA Spirit of the Woods Chapter to improve a large section of trail popular for mountain biking. In this section, they focused on correcting erosion caused by heavy traffic, as well as ensuring that there was an overhead clearance of eight feet for cyclist safety.

“Working on the NCT is something that everyone on the crew consistently looks forward to. My favorite project that I’ve been a part of during my time with EcoCorps was in the U.P. when we worked on the NCT every day.” – Noah Surbrook, EcoCorps Crew Leader

SEEDS EcoCorps is a green collar career exploration program launched in 2009. The program provides an earn-while-you-learn format to support skill, leadership, and career development. Crew members gain valuable work experience while serving their local communities.

The work continues! SEEDS EcoCorps is looking forward to additional projects for the upcoming season. Northern Michigan residents, especially young adults, interested in outdoor jobs next summer are encouraged to look for employment opportunities posted on our website,, or can contact the SEEDS office in Traverse City by phone for more information at 231-947-0312.

Interested land-owners and collaborators looking to partner should contact EcoCorps Program Director Jennifer Flynn at

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