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For the Love of Dogs

“I didn’t know you could donate things like a dog house made out of ordinary objects you’ve got laying around to help places in your community.”

-- Izy, a SEEDS 6th grade student

Ninety-one percent of all plastic isn’t recycled, and single-use plastics are especially difficult to successfully recycle. Benzie Central Middle School students know that it’s important to not waste resources, so they found a creative way to repurpose single-use plastics and help their community at the same time.

The end result was a dog house for Cherryland Humane Society using plastic for insulation. SEEDS EcoSchool students and other Benzie Central Middle School students spent countless hours through the spring semester and summer camp diligently planning, creating, and building the dog house all while learning new skills like resilience, team building, and new interests in carpentry and their original goal — innovative resourcefulness and place-based solutions.

"The eco-dog house that the students from Benzie Central Middle School designed and engineered is a great example of something that will provide excitement and happiness in our adoptable dogs lives. Thank you to SEEDS & Benzie Central Middle School for your kindness and generosity!"

-- Naomi Washburn, Marketing & Communications Manager
at Cherryland Humane Society

Above left: Students meeting Billie, the one-eyed office cat. Above right: Students enjoy some time with animals in the shelter during the shelter tour.

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