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Compost: Hot and steamy all year long!

The compost piles at the SEEDS Farm at Historic Barns Park have been steaming all winter, despite the cold weather! Composting often does stop or slow down during this time of year, so we found ways to delay piles from going inactive such as bolstering insulation and ensuring a high heat breakdown of our organic waste.

ABOVE: The in-vessel system at Historic Barns Park from Green Mountain Technologies is an aerated static system and pumps air through its contents. It requires minimal manual turning, unlike the 3-bin system.

Good thing too, because our food waste pickup services are growing! EcoCorps is now offering pickup services to a select number of Traverse City kitchens, including Trattoria Stella, Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons, Sugar to Salt, and the Cooks’ House. Additionally, in partnership with the City of Traverse City Downtown Development Authority, SEEDS will soon be diverting organic waste from up to 12 downtown Traverse City restaurants! Those food scraps are then sorted and added into eight different composting technologies on display at the Compost Petting Zoo (located at the SEEDS Farm at Historic Barns Park). There, helpful organisms break this material down into rich soil amendments. The finished compost is then used on the SEEDS Farm. The whole cyclical process is educational!

See the hauling and sorting process!

Efforts like these are expanding across the state and the nation. People desire to divert organic materials away from the landfill, preventing the creation of methane and regenerating soils.

It is exciting to see more and more people motivated to take part in a solution that is one of the most effective mitigation responses to Climate Change. Each restaurant, business, and household who helps to divert organic waste from landfills brings us closer to cutting food waste in half by 2030.

Since May of 2023, SEEDS has diverted more than 6,500lbs, or 1009 gallons, of organic waste from our landfills!