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The Amazing Race for STEM!

This summer, SEEDS After School at Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary created an Amazing Race for STEM, setting up challenge stations that students tackled in teams of five.

“Of course STEM was the focus. More importantly though, we wanted to get students to read directions, be deliberate before jumping in and communicate in order to work together as a team.” Denise Connolly, KND Site Coordinator

Each challenge included a team building focus. For example, the Newspaper Dome Challenge got students to individually make a triangle out of newspaper tubes and then, as a team, attach the triangles to make a dome.

Outside, there was a kiddie pool set up for the Paddle Boat Challenge. Teams constructed a boat together out of recycled materials, and then sent it across the pool. Every time it cross successfully, the team would add a penny to test how much weight the boat could hold.

“It can be very challenging for students to work together as a team when they want to accomplish tasks on their own. Teamwork is a process and is such an important skill for them to have,” said Denise.

SEEDS After School educators specialize in providing safe, socially and emotionally rich learning environments. We supply thousands of engaging student contact hours each year. Our favorite things to do are hands-on STEM activities and coupling these lessons with Art. Healthy cooking, going green, being outside, and other life skills are all great subjects for STEM learning and Art.

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SEEDS After School programming is four days a week during the school year and also has programming during the summer. It prioritizes outdoor education, STEM subjects, academic support, art, nutrition, physical activity, social-emotional learning, and more! Email, call (231) 947-0312, or visit for more information.