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SEEDS Gets Kids Outside Year Round!

Above: SEEDS students Sawyer, Gema, Freya, and Saige at Rapid City Elementary School find and identify animal tracks in the woods behind their playground.

SEEDS is getting hundreds of kids outside this winter! Exploring nature and learning together is an important part of our work, and it is not limited to warm weather days. Whether it’s winter sports or science projects (or both!), we’re embracing this beautiful Michigan season!

Physics + Sledding

Above: Aurora, Ariella, and Nate show off their cardboard sleds they designed, built, and tested.

Students in the SEEDS program at Forest Area Middle School spent the month of January learning about the physics of sledding. They designed and built cardboard sleds for Carly’s Hill, a Fife Lake community sledding event. At the event, three SEEDS students took home awards, including the most creative student-built sled, best wipeout, and best costume! All of the students worked hard, putting approximately 20 hours into their sleds throughout the month.

Cross Country Adventures

Above: Dylan, Nevaeh, Bobby, Zayden, Coach Beth, Coach Tim, and SEEDS Site Coordinator Molly shred snow in Thompsonville.

At Benzie Central Middle School, SEEDS students went cross country skiing at Crystal Mountain with the Nordic Crystal Community Ski Club! We are so fortunate to have local partners that make place-based learning opportunities possible!

Family Fun on the Slopes

Above: Cole and his family race down the hill at Springhill Camps in Evart.

Over 100 people hit the slopes in Marion for the family tubing event organized by our Marion SEEDS program! It was incredibly fun having parents and siblings join our SEEDS students and take part in the activity. The night was filled with laughter and smiles!

Maple Tree Tapping

It’s that time of year again for SEEDS students at Forest Area Middle School to head out into the school forest and tap maple trees. With their new sugar shack, the students will learn about the maple syrup process from start to finish! Watch the above video to see more!

Building Forts

Above: Lilah, Phenyx, Soraya, Trinity, and Gwen hang out in the trees during recess at SEEDS.

At Rapid City Elementary School, students often explore their school forest during SEEDS to play and learn. Building forts and creative play are great ways to create lasting positive memories of being outside.

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