You are currently viewing Abby joined SEEDS After School to make new friends. It worked!

Abby joined SEEDS After School to make new friends. It worked!

IRL (in real life) Friendships

SEEDS gets students off their phones and hanging out together in-person and making friends.

Abby is a ninth-grader who likes math, science, and being outside. She realized she wasn’t being very social during the school day and wanted to change that. Turns out she’s not alone in feeling lonely – Americans are increasingly lonely and youth most of all.

“I thought by joining SEEDS I could make new friends and do activities with different people. And it worked!” – Abby

The SEEDS After School program at Benzie Central High School & Academy brings youth together with activities such as hiking, crafts, cooking, and field trips. A favorite activity is going out into the woods and cooking together over a fire, combining outdoor and life skills.

“It’s very easy to feel isolated in high school. One of the most important things we can do at SEEDS is to create an environment where the students can connect and build positive relationships.” – Kevin Kinnan, Site Coordinator

About SEEDS After School: SEEDS educators specialize in providing safe, socially and emotionally rich learning environments. We supply thousands of engaging student contact hours each year. Our favorite things to do are hands-on activities and coupling eco-STEM with art. Healthy cooking, going green, being outside, and other life skills are all great subjects for STEM learning and art. Learn more about SEEDS After School here. Support our work with a gift by visiting our Donate page.