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Planting a Love for Gardening

Above: Ethan at Forest Area Middle School shows off a green tomato. SEEDS After School expanded the garden during summer camp and planted tomatoes, squash, corn, carrots, and more.

Gardening is a nature lesson that anyone can take part in! Students can simultaneously learn about biology, ecosystems, weather, responsibility, teamwork, and much more. That’s why it’s such a popular part of our summer camps across the region.

“SEEDS is all about seeds, so you’ve gotta have a garden! We’re sprouting new ideas in children and helping those ideas grow. It’s part of them blossoming into wonderful human beings.”- Kris Benke, SEEDS After School Support Staff at Forest Area Middle School

Students at Forest Area Middle School, including Liam, Nolan, Ethan, Jayden, Lily, and Ella, expanded the size of their garden and grew many plants from seeds, learning about planting, weeding, thinning, fertilizing, and more.

At Cherry Street Intermediate School, students like Elizabeth teamed up with their neighbors at the Kalkaska County Commission on Aging to grow fresh vegetables in raised beds. We love intergenerational projects!

Levi, Marvin, Evan, Jeremiah, and Stella at Marion Elementary School show off the fruits of their labor at the school garden, which they tended every day of summer camp. Students got to take produce home with recipes, and extras were given to community members.

At Betsie Valley Elementary School, students released lady bugs into their garden to act as pest control and keep their plants healthy.

SEEDS After School provided six weeks of free summer camp to each of its eleven partner schools. In addition to activities like gardening, students went on field trips, played group games, participated in summer reading challenges, learned from guest presenters, and much more.

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