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The Next Phase of the Food Revolution


Above: Marion Elementary students show off their school garden that they tended during summer camp with SEEDS. They also compost! Let them tell you why that’s so important in this video.


Nutrition comes from food. Nourishment comes from love. For 22 years, SEEDS has focused on providing fresh, nourishing food.

We have shared meals with thousands of kids and taught more than a few of them how to cook! This year, we supported both classroom teachers and students, teaching nutrition education in 14 classrooms. After the courses, parents were regularly surprised to see their kids eating all varieties of fruits and veggies and cooking for them as well! Additionally, 10 of our after school programs are actively gardening or composting.

At our Giving Garden at the Historic Barns Park, we worked alongside our resident farmer and the Father Fred Foundation volunteers to grow and donate over 1200 pounds of fresh produce! SEEDS helped facilitate another 3400 pounds of donated food and over $38,000 in food assistance at the Traverse City Sara Hardy Farmers Market.

We are ready to help inspire the next phase of the local food revolution, moving from the dominant, extractive, industrial agricultural systems – which are collectively the number one contributor to global warming globally – and into regenerative, circular economies by turning garbage into black gold. Ask us how!


Tasty Testimonials!

“Food assistance programs at farmers markets connect more customers to fresh and locally-grown produce. I love helping people access more nutritious food and ways to cook it!” – Serena Amdur, Food Navigator & Farmers Market Assistant Manager


“Children in our first grade tried fruits and vegetables they had never eaten, and liked them! The best part was that weeks after the program, during lunchtime, children tried more of the fruits and vegetables in their school lunch!” – Liz Walker, Teacher at Mesick Consolidated Schools


“Our Panthers had a wonderful experience planting their seeds and seedlings out in the raised garden beds! The kids are super excited to watch their plants grow and to be able to eat them in the cafeteria.” – Old Mission Peninsula Schools


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