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More Science. More Fun.

Above: Madison holds out an intact skull discovered inside the owl pellet that she was dissecting. SEEDS After School at Cherry Street Intermediate School in Kalkaska

It is tough to find time for Science at an elementary school. Only 50% of fourth graders in the US get science activities at least once a week. It’s also true that the earlier a student falls in love with science, the more likely they are to continue pursuing STEM subjects. SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers support schools and kids by prioritizing hands-on fun with science, technology, engineering, and math!

1 out of 3 hours at SEEDS After School is spent on academics and STEM!

At Cherry Street Intermediate School, SEEDS After School students recently spent an afternoon learning about raptors and how they eat by dissecting owl pellets. The students recorded data about their pellets, such as weight and size, and then identified the bones they found inside.

“Reading about how owls eat is not the same as pulling apart pellets with your fingers and finding tiny, tiny bones to identify! They had so much fun they asked to repeat the activity AGAIN.” – Brian Klauer, Site Coordinator Cherry Street

About SEEDS After School:

SEEDS After School educators specialize in providing safe, socially and emotionally rich learning environments. We supply thousands of engaging student contact hours each year. Our favorite things to do are hands-on STEM activities and coupling these lessons with art. Healthy cooking, going green, being outside, and other life skills are all great subjects for STEM learning and art. Learn more about SEEDS After School here. Support our work with a gift by visiting our donate page.