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Those Who Give: Meet Kristin Page!

The SEEDS community is teaming with passionate individuals committed to making our communities more resilient. We would like to introduce you to Kristin Page, who has brought her years of experience in supply chain management to play a crucial role in growing our organic waste diversion initiative, which now spans 10 counties in Northern Michigan.

ABOVE: Kristin poses with the Michigan shoreline on a hike.

“Through volunteering with SEEDS, I am constantly learning new things about ecology and solutions for organic waste diversion, but also feeling more deeply rooted in our community and more connected and inspired. SEEDS is doing the work that I think needs to be done.” 
— Kristin Page, donor and OWD partner

“At first glance, I liked that SEEDS wanted to take on change on so many levels by inspiring young people and  giving them the tools and skills and a career path to nurture that connection with the environment. It really resonated with me.

“For me, it is about supporting the organizations that are doing the hard work that I believe will make our community more resilient and connected. One of my favorite events with SEEDS so far was our Soil Lovers Unite cocktail hour before Oryana Community Co-op’s 50th anniversary storytelling night. It was great hearing all the ways in which people connect with the issue, whether they are concerned about reducing their household impact or because they love our lakes and know that compost and biochar help to filter out pollutants, or because they deeply care about our local food systems, the soil microbiome or biodiversity. There were so many ideas and interests shared, and I am excited about how we can continue to support our community in organizing around this issue and grow our collective impact.

ABOVE: SEEDS Fundraising Director Elizabeth Dunham, right, draws Sam La Susa’s name to win a composting tumbler with Kristin, center, at the Soil Lover’s Event at the City Opera House in May 2023. TOP LEFT: SEEDS Compost Manager Jo Jaczkowski answers questions from a guest. BOTTOM LEFT: Megan Alexander of Carter’s Compost, left, and Kristin, right, speak about the importance of organic waste diversion. 

“For me, it is about supporting the organizations that better support the solutions to build the community I want to live in.”
— Kristin Page, donor and OWD partner

Kristin would say that most global solutions were once local problems that affected someone somewhere. We are inspired by her pull to learn more about the living world around her, knowing that investing in this winding path to environmental stewardship can serve as the catalyst to drive real, sustainable, and systemic change.

To join Kristin and others like her in the SEEDS community, consider becoming a donor today.