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Keeping Food on the Table

When we heard all schools in Michigan would be closed until after spring break, we worried. How would students remain food secure without the meals the school day provides? Even without a global pandemic, one in six children in Michigan already struggles with hunger. We are so honored to have partner schools who are working hard to keep children fed during these unexpected school closings!

Meal Solutions

Benzie County Central Schools

Benzie schools will utilize its current bus stops to deliver multiple-days worth of food, all children are eligible. School Facebook

Forest Area Community Schools

The families of Forest Area students can request meal assistance which will then be delivered to them. School Website

Kaleva Norman Dickson Public Schools

KND schools will be handing out a week’s worth of breakfast and lunches for any person under the age of 18. Food will be distributed at the school and satellite sites. School Website

Kalkaska Public Schools

Kalkaska schools will deliver grab-and-go meals to students at designated locations, including the schools and popular bus stops. School Facebook

Marion Public Schools

Marion schools will offer a free lunch to enrolled students who come to one of five pick up locations. School Facebook

Mesick Consolidated Schools

Mesick schools will provide lunch for any child in the form of a drive-up process at the elementary school. Lunch will be served Monday through Friday for the entire closure, including spring break. School Website

SEEDS After School Solutions

Above: Second-grader Domonic shows off a snack made at a family night event at SEEDS After School.

Food security and childcare are hot topics right now; they are priorities for SEEDS After School year round. Our staff served over 16,500 meals and snacks during the 2018-2019 school year and summer of 2019. Cooking is also a favorite activity at many of our sites.

SEEDS programming gives students a place to go after school, often the most dangerous time of the day for youth. Though our mission drives us to create great lesson plans, a lot of what we functionally provide is a safe place and a solid meal for children while their parents work. Learn more about what we do here. And we are looking forward to programming resuming once schools open again!