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From Sarna’s Desk: Thank You!

Thank You!

Wow! What an incredible year 2019 has been! During our 20th anniversary year, SEEDS established new programs and expanded existing ones, we engaged our community in new ways, and continued to challenge a business-as-usual mindset by encouraging dialogue, cooperation, and creative problem solving. Our fragile world requires no less.

SEEDS has always been an organization that continuously strives to reach its highest potential. I am motivated to invest my energies in this corner of the sweet-water-state because I feel surrounded by people who truly care and who express gratitude. Thank you for inspiring and supporting us!

Because our mission is expressed in the actual doing of things, I want to highlight the quality of SEEDS staff. Our team is the lifeblood of our activities, our impact, and our commitment. Our current roster – from our HR Director to our Corpsmembers – is the strongest, most talented group I’ve ever had the honor to work with. They get better at synergizing every day and they motivate me to work harder than ever.

I hope you feel similarly because the challenges we seek to overcome are B-I-G and SEEDS can’t thrive without your support. Federal grants don’t keep up with inflation and the world-repair that needs to be done is not well supported by the global market economy. At least not yet.

Together we can change that paradigm. We are changing the paradigm! You create change every time you go out of your way to support the work and the people you believe in. I choose to work at SEEDS so that I can support the vision of a new business-as-usual shared by our staff, volunteers, partners, and community.

I also donate to SEEDS, and I invite your generosity to join in support of this grand effort. No one can make it happen alone. On behalf of everyone at SEEDS, thank you so much for the dollars and the goodwill you have invested in this organization. Will you join me in doubling down in that commitment?


Sarna Salzman

Executive Director