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SEEDS = Environmental Leadership

Moving Needles in the Right Direction

SEEDS Energy & Environment programs focus on quantifying change and proving the practical feasibility of reducing energy used, garbage landfilled, and increasing the carbon sequestered.
Dana Pflughoeft, a political science and environment studies student at St. Olaf College, joined the SEEDS Energy & Environment team for her summer internship. She got to help benchmark the energy use of several local cities, analyze data, and perform research for Energy Action Plans.
“Through my internship at SEEDS, I discovered that I am really passionate about public policy and working with local governments.” – Dana Pflughoeft, Undergraduate at St. Olaf College

SEEDS regularly facilitates green teams and authors energy and climate action plans to help partners reduce costs and make the switch to clean energy and zero waste. It will take all of us to reverse global warming and there’s no time to waste!

About SEEDS Energy & Environment: SEEDS Energy & Environment team assists individuals and institutions with their goals by helping define and forecast the triple bottom line impacts of their choices and coaching decision makers on implementation strategies. Since 1999 the team has served over 600 residential customers and over 60 local units of government and other institutions. Learn more about SEEDS Energy & Environment here. Support our work with a gift by visiting our Donate page.