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We got the Gold!

SEEDS-led Kilowatt-Hour Challenge helps City win the gold!

Remember this newsletter about the City of Traverse City’s staff-wide energy efficiency challenge? The Kilowatt-Hour Challenge led to the City earning Gold in the 2019 Michigan Green Communities Challenge!

SEEDS has worked for many years with City staff on energy efficiency and conservation efforts and earning the City recognition as “most improved” for the last two years! For the past two years, SEEDS has served as the inaugural facilitator of the City of Traverse City’s Green Team, responsible for supporting the goal of sourcing 100% renewable sources for the electricity usage of City operations by 2020.

As part of these efforts, thanks to the support of Rotary Charities and City Manager, Marty Colburn, SEEDS created and spearheaded a four-week Kilowatt-Hour Challenge to boost the engagement of City staff in low- and no-cost energy improvements and encouraged friendly competition between departments. The “kWh Challenge” was organized by SEEDS Energy Specialist Kevin Summers and AmeriCorps VISTA Member Morgan Vondruska.

“This is a Gold for everyone! When we see the City taking active leadership in clean energy, it inspires all of us, and when we as citizens engage it reinspires the City in a virtuous cycle.” – Sarna Salzman, SEEDS Executive Director

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