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Green-collar Leadership is Important

We thrive on hands-on learning opportunities for all of our programs, and our EcoCorps program is not any different. EcoCorps is one of a kind as it provides on the job training for green-collar careers, and refined technical skills all while building trails and restoring habitat. EcoCorps trains tomorrow’s ecological leaders and provides opportunities for those who both love and are considering green-collar work.

In today’s world, it’s not about white collar or blue collar jobs, but moving to green collar. It’s about greening existing professions, getting the green know-how to people who already have the skills, but lack that particular knowledge that will make all the difference, and EcoCorps strives to find ways of making green the new normal.

Our EcoCorps members have gone on to work as professionals in the sciences, construction and electrical trades, agriculture, community development, the media and arts, and for state and federal park systems.

Meet Girard, former EcoCorps Crew Leader

How would you describe your experience?

“It was my first time in a leadership role, and I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part the team and serve as a leader.  It gave me a lot of confidence and made me a better leader for those who followed my direction and allowed me to better understand my leadership style.”


How has this aided in your transition to the National Park Service? 

“[SEEDS] really provided an extremely clear avenue, especially having worked already with Sleeping Bear Dunes during my employment there to work with the National Park Service. It set me up with huge success to be able to live out and continue to work in environmental education.” 


What are some of your future goals?

“I’m incredibly interested in habitat restoration and land reclamation. I want to leave something behind that makes a difference.

Join the crew!

The wide variety of experiences you will receive as an EcoCorps member provide gateways to job opportunities!

SEEDS EcoCorps crew members will add value to their communities, the environment and themselves through their dedicated service. Crew members will participate in a rigorous program of work, education and training and complete environmental restoration, park maintenance, community service and building projects within Northern Michigan. Crew members are responsible for following all rules and guidelines and adding positively to the crew. Must be able to provide own transportation to job sites.

  • $12 to 15 per hour seasonal
  • Employee Assistance Program
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