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Pollinator Allies

Benzie students learning about beekeeping

Above: EcoSchool students at Benzie Central Middle School learned about tending bees with local beekeeper Mike Zielinski.

Pollinators are a critically-important part of a biodiverse and resilient future. That’s why we are sharing our love for pollinators (and all of nature) with the young leaders we work with across Michigan.

We dream of a Michigan where everyone chooses native plants over manicured lawns and compost over chemical fertilizers. We know that every action counts, no matter how small! Here are some of the practical, local solutions we are implementing near you!

Monarch Migration Station in Marion

During summer camp, SEEDS EcoSchool students at Marion Elementary created a monarch migration station. Milkweed is back on the menu for this species!

Karner Butterfly Habitat in National Forests

EcoCorps members worked in the Huron-Manistee National Forests to create much-needed habitat for the Karner blue butterfly. Read more about this project here.

Pollinator Garden in Manistee

EcoSchool at Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary partnered with the Manistee Conservation District to add a pollinator garden to their outdoor classroom. Pollinators and creepy-crawlies of all types are welcomed by these students to share their outdoor spaces and inspire learning.

Pollinator-Friendly Landscaping at Historic Barns Park

The stormwater gardens in front of the SEEDS Workshop and the herbaceous plantings around the wetland at Historic Barns Park are all pollinator-friendly plantings. While tending the plants, EcoCorps members learn about the importance of landscaping practices that help rather than harm insects.

Bees in Benzie

EcoSchool students at Benzie Central Middle School learned about beekeeping with local beekeeper Mike Zielinski. They gained a greater appreciation for the work done by these special pollinators, as well as the work required to tend and transport healthy hives.

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Supporting pollinators is a longstanding tradition

In 2018 our EcoCorps crew in Saginaw supported the Pollinator Project, which was turning vacant city lots into havens for pollinators! Read more about it here.