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Student Engagement that ISN’T Digital

Above: SEEDS After School students at Marion Elementary School show off their miniature dog sleds they designed and built to race on the “hill” behind them.

At SEEDS After School, we know screen time has skyrocketed in the past year. So wherever we are connecting with students, whether in the classroom or at home, we’ve continued to prioritize hands-on and engaging activities.

“At SEEDS After School, we prioritize hands-on, offline activities we can either do together while in the classroom or that we can send home. This is important because many students learn better with hands-on activities, and since some of the students we serve do not have reliable access to online learning.” – Sandy Ehlers, SEEDS After School Associate Program Director

SEEDS After School students at Cherry Street Intermediate School did some experimenting with temperatures and insulation! They constructed insulated “homes” to test if the insulation would protect their bags of water from freezing. Here the bags were named Matt and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift got a home and came out of the freezer much warmer than Matt!

SEEDS After School students at Rapid City Elementary School love adding art to science lessons! We are always fans of snowy owls, especially in this masterpiece created by a young artist.

SEEDS After School students at Betsie Valley Elementary School learned about wind power through play. Check out their super-cool wind-powered racing cards!

We were in the news in Brethren! Read more here!

About SEEDS After School:

Since 2009, we have been very fortunate to host 21st Century Community Learning Centers thanks to support from the Michigan Department of Education. SEEDS After School educators specialize in providing safe, socially and emotionally rich learning environments. We supply thousands of engaging student contact hours each year. Our favorite things to do are hands-on STEM activities, especially when we can combine those activities with art. Healthy cooking, going green, being outside, and other life skills are all great subjects for STEM learning and art. Learn more about SEEDS After School here. Support our work with a gift by visiting our Donate page.