SEEDS = Environmental Leadership

SEEDS = Environmental Leadership Posted by SEEDS on Dec 05 , 2019 - 07:32 am Moving Needles in the Right Direction SEEDS Energy & Environment programs focus on quantifying change and proving the practical feasibility of reducing energy used, garbage landfilled, and increasing the carbon sequestered.     Dana Pflughoeft, a political science and environment [...]

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We got the Gold!

We got the Gold! Posted by SEEDS on Nov 27 , 2019 - 10:00 am SEEDS-led Kilowatt-Hour Challenge helps City win the gold! Remember this newsletter about the City of Traverse City's staff-wide energy efficiency challenge? The Kilowatt-Hour Challenge led to the City earning Gold in the 2019 Michigan Green Communities Challenge! SEEDS has worked [...]

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kWh Challenge

Reduce your energy use with this 4-week kWh challenge! Actions include upgrading lightbulbs to LEDs, daylighting, turning off appliances and electronics, and unplugging. SEEDS guided the City of Traverse City…

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Traverse City Staff Take on a KiloWatt-Hour Challenge!

Traverse City Staff Take on a KiloWatt-Hour Challenge! Posted by SEEDS on Aug 14 , 2019 - 12:12 pm For one month this summer, City staff were encouraged to take electricity efficiency into their own hands! In striving towards its 100% renewable electricity goal, the City Manager, Marty Colburn, endorsed a City-wide Staff kWh Challenge [...]

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